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Build OpenICE from source

Rado 3 years ago in OpenICE • updated by VersionWeekly 1 week ago 8

We are trying to use openICE for integration with several different medical devices at the University of Pennsylvania and the surrounding hospitals. We are able to use the demo app that is pre-built but we are having trouble building the code from source.

We have tested this on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu and get to the same stage. We are able to import the project using the eclipse plugin for gradle but there are some bits that don't compile. In particular, the main problem is that the ice environment that is defined in a few idl files is not correctly recognized by the java files (so the most common error is "ice cannot be resolved to a type"). As far as I understand, some java code has to be generated by these specifications but we cannot get eclipse to do it.

Is there some other pluging that we need to install? Or do you think there is some other problem?


How can I email support requests?

Dave 3 years ago • updated by ConfigRouter 1 week ago 4
I'd like to email in questions. Is this supported?

Vidmate app

veerum 4 weeks ago in DDS • updated by ConfigRouter 1 week ago 2
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Sarkari Naukri | Apply for Government Jobs

Rahulrana777 2 weeks ago in OpenICE 0

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Government Jobs

goverjobs3 3 months ago in OpenICE • updated by Rahulrana777 2 weeks ago 1
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Comparison between MDPnP vs SCOT vs OR.NET

dkotian95 2 weeks ago 0

We are trying to evaluate Medical devices to make it compliant to MDPnP or OR,NET or SCOT, is there any comparison done to these 3 technology.

I am new to these and even MDPnP, what would be the starting point for MDPnP and is there any documented steps what needs to be done to make our Medical devices compliant with MDPnP.

Currently, I am just looking at the feasibility only on paper for our device.

Is there any membership forum paid or free to participate and understand closely with the architects/Leads developing MDPnP?

Please let us know your views




Mathway app

maheshw 2 weeks ago in OpenICE 0
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AP SSC Results

rahulshi 4 weeks ago in DDS 0
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OpenICE can't get data from MX800

Jason Norman 1 month ago in OpenICE 0

I have OpenICE working correctly with a Philips MP70, but I need it to work with the MX800.

Following the exact same process for connection with the MX800, I wind up with the unplugged "no data" indicator on my MX800 in the OpenICE devices list.

One thing that stands out to me is the difference between the MIB/RS232 port on the backs of the monitors. The MP70 has two separate ports, I assume one for input and the other for output. The OpenICE documentation suggests using the port with the arrow pointing out of the circle, like this: 


The MIB/RS232 port on the back of my MX800 only has one port, and it has a double arrow indicator, like this:


So I am wondering if this port is configurable as either input or output, and if that is possibly my problem. Does anyone here have any input on this issue?



artifactiory not accessibile

geovannio vinhas 1 month ago in OpenICE 0


I am trying to build the mdpn repo but it looks like is down. 

This are the error i get:

* What went wrong: A problem occurred evaluating project ':data-types:x73-idl-rti-dds'. > Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':data-types:x73-idl-rti-dds:rtiddsgen'.    > Could not resolve org.anarres:cpp-bin:1.2.8-SNAPSHOT.      Required by:          org.mdpnp:x73-idl-rti-dds:0.6.3-SNAPSHOT       > Unable to load Maven meta-data from          > Could not GET ''.             > peer not authenticated       > Unable to load Maven meta-data from          > Could not GET ''.             > peer not authenticated       > Unable to load Maven meta-data from          > Could not GET ''.             > peer not authenticated


Unable to connect BBB with philips MP70 with OpenICE

Unnikuttan V V 1 month ago in OpenICE • updated 1 month ago 1


I am trying to interface Philips IntelliVue MP70 with OpenICE using the steps given in After everything is done the application is


Build OpenICE fom github failed

Hank Hung 3 months ago in OpenICE • updated by geovannio vinhas 2 months ago 1


When I build mdpnp source code form github, I encounter some issue.

It print some error, look like the artifactory files not exist?

A problem occurred evaluating project ':data-types:x73-idl-rti-dds'.

> Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':data-types:x73-idl-rti-dds:rtiddsgen'.
   > Could not resolve org.anarres:cpp-bin:1.2.8-SNAPSHOT.
     Required by:
      > Unable to load Maven meta-data from
         > Could not GET ''.
            > peer not authenticated
      > Unable to load Maven meta-data from
         > Could not GET ''.
            > peer not authenticated
      > Unable to load Maven meta-data from
         > Could not GET ''.
            > peer not authenticated

Please help me solve it. Thanks.



Write data into a medical device

srav0508 2 months ago in OpenICE 0


From the documentation provided in website, I see that we can read data from medical devices such as patient monitors and ventilators. 

Using Open ICE and Beaglebones, can we write some data (say list of values from a text file) to a certain parameter  (say pressure waveform) in ventilator?

The application is to simulate real time data in medical device and test how it behaves.

Please suggest.


Connecting Evita 4 via serial DB9

Tarun 1 year ago in OpenICE • updated by brilkov 3 months ago 1


I am currently connecting Evita4 with laptop.

my connection is as follows:

evita->serial to usb connector ->laptop USB. I have crossed pin2 and 3(rx,tx) from evita.

Then i launch openice device configurator and add evita4 via serial. I tried all baudrates and parities. The device connector goes into endless connecting loop. However, I can use realterm to transmit basic commads and get replied.

Can you please provide steps to connect Evita 4.




Positive Quotes

positivequotes8 3 months ago in OpenICE 0
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