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Error when launching openICE

Imad Eddine 1 year ago in OpenICE • updated by Dylan Bagshaw 9 months ago 2


I'm installed OpenICe on Win7, after starting the application and selecting ICE_Device_Interface, I full fill the flowing information :

1. Device Category --> Simulated

2. Device Type --> Simulated Pulse Oximeter

3. Domain ID --> 15

The application couldn't start with two error messages

1. Error invoking methods

2. Failed to launch JVM

Could you please explain me the causes of these errors.


ICE OpenICE device-adapter

Could you help me with this please.


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It's hard to say the exact issue that is causing this experience, as there are several things that could cause this.

I would start by making sure you have the latest source code downloaded onto your computer. Next, build the code from source. Then continue on as you were before. Let me know if this solves any of your issues.