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Alistair MacDonald 3 years ago in OpenICE • updated by Anna 3 months ago 10
Hello Jeff. We're in Missoula working on an OR music volume controller project using OpenICE and Philips MP70 monitors. Do you know what's in the queue for drivers for the newest monitors such as Spacelabs (Xpression), Nihon Kohden BSM 6000 series, Mindray DPM, GE Carescape, Drager Perseus. I know some communication protocols are openly available for NK, Mindray and GE, but wasn't sure if and when they would make their way into OpenICE.
-Alistair MacDonald
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Hi Alistair,

First off, thank you for your interest in our project. Developing drivers (device-adapters, as we call them) is a time consuming process and something we generally only do for funded projects and devices we have in the lab. That said, the beauty of open source software is that anyone can write the device-adapters and contribute them back to the community. To enable this activity, generally two things are needed: the protocol manual/description and a device to test your code. I'd love to have a look at the GE, NK and Mindray protocols! I haven't had the time or need to investigate them personally. Would you mind sharing the links or documents below? Maybe we can help enable someone out with our efforts here.

The good news is that we already support several "modern" patient monitors. We have developed a device-adapter for the Philips MX800. We also have existing Drager Medibus device-adapters developed and a Drager Infinity monitor in the lab that we will hopefully have full support for soon. We also have a GE Carescape B850 in the lab that's in the queue. We don't do a particularly good advertising what devices we support. I am going to try and find the time to add this information to our main website.

Hello again Jeff-

Thank you for all the support, it's been very helpful.  

We're currently testing our prototype music controller with an MP70 but are limited to a software version "E".  We have access to an Intellevue MP30 with software version "J" and when we connected to the LAN port it was streaming data.  Do you know if the MP70 driver works with the MP30 or any Intellevue MP model with software G-K?  

Also, we just received three MX800 monitors.  Would it be at all possible for us to get the device-driver for the MX800 in case we're not able to upgrade our software for our MP70s? 

Thank you again for all your help.


Hi Jeff,

First, let me congratulate the team for Open Ice platform. It seems to be an excellent solution for centralize clinical data in a hospital.

I need to integrate in my application vital signs through a Drager Infinity monitor.

You said this device-adapter would soon be available.
When do you expect this device-adapter will be available?

Thanks in advance!!

Jeff-  Great news that you have GE and Drager drivers in the works.  There actually aren't that many different types of anesthesia machines so, not to downplay the work involved, a complete set of drivers doesn't seem impossible.  I don't think I can attach the .pdf file here for Nihon Kohden's RS232 protocol so I'll send it an an email attachment.  (note: our new NK anesthesia machines require the purchase of an $800 interface to establish an RS232 port connection).

Here is a link to Mindray's DIAP protocol:


P.S> this isn't really a driver, but an open source program for numeric data from a Datex Cardiocap5:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3788264/
Thanks for the information Alistair! Hopefully socializing this information will help further the efforts of our community as a whole.

Developing device-adapters in parallel with developing OpenICE is a cart before horse situation. In a perfect world, medical devices would natively 'speak' to OpenICE using a yet to be completed ICE standard. The internal team here at MD PnP is focused on developing the infrastructure that comprises OpenICE, rather than supporting soon to be legacy serial communication protocols. Yet to demonstrate and utilize this new infrastructure's functionality, we need to support current devices - as a matter of fact adoption is impossible without this support! We're stuck walking a fine line between supporting devices and developing new infrastructure functionality. The hope is that we can create enough interest in this effort that community members will help expand our list of support devices. I know MD PnP can't do it alone...

Hello Jeff-

will the MP70 driver work with the mx800? We are not having any success with the MP70 version E, MP30 version J, or MX800 version K. We don't know if this is a driver issue or not.

Hi Alistair,

Please try the connection again with OpenICE v0.6.2. We fixed a critical bug that affected the Philips device-adapter software.

We have successfully tested a MP70 rev J and MX800 rev J with this software revision.



I am facing a similar issue while using the Philips Effecia CM120 patient monitor. I've installed the OpenICE v 0.6.3 64x in Windows 10. I am trying to get an HL7 output on the OpenICE tool.

My setup is as follows: -

1. The patient monitor connected to the router using a cat5 cable.

2. The router connected to my laptop using WiFi.

3. IP address and port number assigned to my laptop is the same in the patient monitor and the tool "host".

4. Start the HL7 engine on OpenICE tool.

This is the whole procedure I've set up.

Can I get any help to get the HL& out of the patient monitor ysing OpenICE tool.


hi Vija. Sorry, I don't know about your monitor. We were using MP/MX series over a year ago and needed a special adapter. I don't know what's changed with CM120/HL7. Good luck.

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