MDPnP with Philips MP70 (via RS232)

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Dear MDPnP Group, 

We are currently working on a multi-site study that will be analyzing waveform data recorded from patients in the ICU. We have been purchasing software for each site that allows us to export waveform data to a file that can be analyzed at a later time. Many of our sites have Philips MP70 monitors, however, so it is possible that MDPnP could be used as an alternate means to obtain the data. 

Does the current version of MDPnP allow waveform data to be saved to a file? If not, would it be difficult to modify to permit data export? I would be willing to try some coding myself, if perhaps you could point me to the most reasonable places to start. From another comment on the discussion forum, it sounds like you have export working with MongoDB in your lab. We are looking at using MongoDB for the waveforms in our lab as well, so I would be interested in learning more about this solution.

I also have a comment about the adapter setup example for the MP70 on your website ( https://openice.info/device-adapter-setup.html ). In your example, you mention that a "Cisco console cable" can be used to connect to the serial port of the Philips monitor. I ordered one, but the cable did not work; later, after I googled the pinout of the Cisco console cable, I noticed that pins 4 and 5 of the RJ45 are typically grounded, but the Philips cable requires pin 5 of the RJ45 to be the Tx->Rx signal for the RJ45->DB9 connection. Perhaps it was a different type of console cable?

We are watching your project with interest in our lab- thank you for all your effort in this area.

Many thanks for your help!

Kind regards,

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Hi Nathan,

Thank you for your interest! Currently the MD PnP software does not support exporting data to a file or database. We are currently experimenting with two different functionalities: clinical data logger powered by MongoDB and a flat file export tool. Both are purely experimental right now and non-functional for clinical use. We are working on building these tools into our platform and I hope to see something ready for the world within the next couple months. If you are interested in exploring a "one-off" solution, I would recommend looking through the OpenICE sourceforge repository at https://sourceforge.net/p/mdpnp/code/ci/master/tree/.

You are absolutely correct about the DB9 to RJ45 console cable. It is not a Cisco console cable ... at all (...not even close). Stupid mistake on my end - thank you for catching it. I have updated the tutorial to reflect the actual pinout of the cable and even drew a little diagram to help. Check out the update here:

More updates to come soon! Thank you so much for taking the time to read through our work. I hope that we can help you be successful with your research. Happy New Years!
Hello Nathan,
Do you have the communication protocol documentation handy? I think in the documentation it does illustrate the serial RJ45-DB9 wiring configuration. As a matter of fact you can make it your self which would be much much cheaper, you might be able to get all the items you need from your Biomed department.
Another method to check the wiring configuration, would be to use a digital multimeter, use it as a continuity check (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF3OyQ3HwfU). Check each end point on the connectors one by one.
Hope that helps.