Connecting to Philips IntellieVue over LAN: Stuck on Negotiating (Requesting association)

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Firstly, thanks to the OpenICE community for supporting this amazing project.

I'm trying to use OpenICE (v0.6.3) to connect to Philips IntelliVue monitors over LAN. My computer (OSX 10.11.3) is connected to the same internal ICU LAN network the monitors are connected to. I have an IP address, and I can ping the monitors. However, when I connect to the monitor IP address, the connection status in OpenICE is stuck on "Negotiating (Requesting association)". This is true of any monitor I attempt to connect to in the unit. Just to be explicitly clear, I am not using serial/RJ45/RS232. Just LAN.

I am able to connect to the monitor just fine when the monitor is connected to an isolated network. I believe the issue may be that the monitors are already connected with the central Philips server. Can IntelliVue monitors connect to both the Philips server and OpenICE simultaneously? Is there any other reason that could explain this behaviour?

Kind regards

Luke Fletcher


Hi Luke,

You are right - unfortunately, you can't connect via the LAN if the monitor is also connected to the central. However, you can use the serial interface while the central is connected via the LAN.

To quote the Data Export interface:

"The Data Export Interface of IntelliVue patient monitors cannot be accessed via the Local Area Network when the monitor is connected to the Philips LAN, e.g. to an Information Center (central station). Communication via the MIB/RS232 Interface is always possible (except with MP2/X2)."

The MP2/X2 doesn't have the serial interface, so your only option for that monitor is the LAN (via the battery pack).

Hope this helps,


Ahhh thanks Nathan. That's both very helpful, and very disappointing. I require both numeric and waveform data from my MP70s, and unfortunately, you can only get the waveform data via either LAN or serial, but not both. Thus, while the monitors are connected to the Information Centre / Central Station, its not possible to get waveform data :\

Hi Luke,

But you can record both waveform and numerics data simultaneously from the MP70s, while connected to the Information Centre, provided you use the serial connection with OpenICE. We do this routinely for one of our research studies. We have even tested simultaneous recording from the same bed via OpenICE and Philips Holter export, and it worked. Have you found differently with your set up?

Hi Nathan

Interesting. To quote the Interface Programming Guide:

"IntelliVue Rev. G.0 or higher allows the combination of a LAN interface and one MIB/RS232 port for Data Export. Only one connection is able to request wave data at a time, the other connection responds with a notification that wave polling is not possible.The first connection to request a successful wave poll receives the wave data."

Therefore, I am of the understanding that while numerics can be sent simultaneously via LAN and serial, waveform data cannot. I haven't tested the setup via serial as I am awaiting the delivery of the relevant cables/adapters, but will be sure to check it out as soon as possible.

Just to confirm, your MP70s are connected to a Philips Central Station over LAN, the Central Station is obtaining waveform data from the MP70s, and you are also obtaining waveform data via serial, simultaneously?

Hi Luke,

I agree that the wording in the Programming Guide is confusing. We also had assumed the same thing for a long time. However, I can confirm that while our MP70s are connected to the Central via LAN, which continuously records waveform data on the database server, we can simultaneously record waveform data via the serial connection.

Perhaps this excerpt of the Programming Guide clarifies what they meant:

"IntelliVue Rev. G.0 or higher allows the configuration of either a second MIB/RS232 port or the combination LAN interface and MIB/RS232 port for Data Export. The DtOut2 driver is used to connect a second port to Data Export. Only one connection is able to request wave data at a time, the other connection responds with a notification that wave polling is not possible.The first connection to request a successful wave poll receives the wave data."

My interpretation is that they are referring to the possibility of setting up two serial, or a combination of one serial/one LAN connection for data export. Only one of these could be used at a time to export waveform data via the Programming interface, and the LAN cannot be used if you are already connected to the Central.

Interestingly, the data recorded at the database server (i.e. via the connection over the LAN with the Central) is not the same as that exported by the data export interface. All waveforms recorded on the database server are sampled at 125 Hz, and the waveforms are presented as you would see them on the monitor (i.e. the waveforms are truncated using the limits on the bedside monitor, so if the blood pressure were to increase above the upper limit set at 140 mmHg (for example), the waveform appears truncated).

Using the data export interface, ECG is sampled at 500 Hz, and the blood pressure waveform will not be truncated by the limits on the bedside monitor.

Good luck with setting up the serial connection! I would recommend USB adapters that use the FTDI chipset rather than the Prolific chipset, and a modular RJ45-to-DB9 adapter that lets you manually wire each connection.


Hi Nathan

Thanks for your assistance. I was able to connect via serial to the MP70s today, and also found that both numerics and waveforms were accessible, which is fantastic! Thanks again for your advice and support.



Hello everyone. We started to take a look at open ICE to get it to work with IntelliVue monitors. Does anyone have the programming guide for IntelliVue? This should be a document that contains protocol information via serial port. Thanks for any help.

Hi Srikanth. There is a copy uploaded here. http://www.docfoc.com/philips-interface-programming-guide. However, generally this document is not required to use OpenICE as it already has a Java implementation of this protocol.

Hey! Do you have any experience with Philips Data Warehouse Connect software? Please share, if you do.

I am interested in using it to export data from Philips patient monitors and would like to know, if the software is good, if the data is available in this solution database in a form that can be used for data export for further calculations (e.g. for calculating time intervals etc.), is there an option to anonymize the data in the database, what is the web server solution like that comes with it  - really any experiences.

Hi Laura, yes we do support multiple medical devices including Philips patient monitors. Please send an email to contact@cohere-med.com with your specific requirement. Technical team will assist you.