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openICE with Philips Intellivue M50

Pau Soler 3 years ago in OpenICE • updated by NathanS 2 years ago 4
I would like to understand if the device drivers you have already developed would be compatible with Philips Intellivue MP50, either through the serial or ethernet connections. I understand you can only confirm and maybe support devices you acctually have at the lab, like MP70, but I wonder if in your opinion it should be compatible - the protocol manual is the same- and if it has been tested by anyone in the community.

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Hi Pau,

Sorry for the delay in my response. As you have probably guessed, I do not have a definitive answer. It should work. The best way to check is to download OpenICE to your computer and connect the MP50 via a serial adapter. I can help you with the setup details if you'd like.

If the protocol description of the MP50 (with your software version) matches the MP70 rev J protocol, it should be compatible. One thing to watch out for that might be different is the MP50's pinout on the RJ45 serial port - check your manual for the right pinout.

Hi Pau,

I made a diagram to illustrate how I connect to and test the Philips Intellivue MP70 when I'm not using our lab's infrastructure (single point to point integration).

Hope this helps,

Hi Jeff,

Our team was working with our Beagle Bone and an MP50 and we weren't able to get data. The only thing that we saw was "Requesting negotiation" (i think that's how it says). Afterwards we switched to using an MP70 and everything worked. So my impression is that the MP50 doesn't work with OpenICE.

I think my question would be: when you were looking at the Phillips Monitors how did you figure out how the data was being outputted?


Hi Greg,

I suspect you are having issues because the software revision of your MP50 monitor is different than your MP70.

We have successfully tested OpenICE on both MP50 and MP70 monitors (as well as an X2), using software revision rev J, G, or E. I have tried running on software revision K, but I was not able to connect. We also tested on revisions C and D, but were unsuccessful, although this may have been a driver issue.

We have had problems connecting if the serial to USB adapter uses the Prolific chipset instead of the FTDI chipset, so I would recommend making sure your adapter has the FTDI chipset.

Finally, you can download Philips' data export interface from Philips incenter website:


Go to the top right, and search for "data export". You should find the export protocol for revisions L, K, and H.

(X2, MP, MX & FM Series Rel L.0 Data Export Interface Program Guide, etc).

Hope this helps!