Connecting Evita 4 via serial DB9

Tarun 1 year ago in OpenICE • updated by brilkov 3 months ago 1


I am currently connecting Evita4 with laptop.

my connection is as follows:

evita->serial to usb connector ->laptop USB. I have crossed pin2 and 3(rx,tx) from evita.

Then i launch openice device configurator and add evita4 via serial. I tried all baudrates and parities. The device connector goes into endless connecting loop. However, I can use realterm to transmit basic commads and get replied.

Can you please provide steps to connect Evita 4.



Hello? Tarun!

I have the same problem when connecting my laptop  to Drager Primus, if you sole your problem, please share with us your  experience! 

Best regards,