Building OpenICE testapp failure

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first I'd really like to thank all the people, who put so much effort in this project. I would love to use the software for a student project of mine, but I stumbled upon some difficulties realizing it. I will try to keep it short and just list some of the problems I encountered:

  • When trying to use the .exe on a windows system and connecting the MP70 with a simple serial setup, I wasn't able to establish a connection. It's probably because of a GUI bug, which was mentioned in some other thread.
  • After that I tried the .bat from the zip archive. With this build I was able to establish a connection with the device adapter, but the ICE_Supervisor would not start. The windows console states an "Exception in Application Start Method".
  • Trying to build from Source using e(fx)clipse, there were some problems with the JavaFX class. com.sun.javafx.Util should be com.sun.javafx.utils.Util After correcting this I was able to build until the test phase, which gave me the following errors:

org.mdpnp.apps.testapp.export.CSVPersisterTest > testCVSLine FAILED
org.junit.ComparisonFailure at CSVPersisterTest.java:28

org.mdpnp.apps.testapp.export.VerilogVCDPersisterTest > testBasicDataStream FAILED
org.junit.ComparisonFailure at VerilogVCDPersisterTest.java:67

I uploaded my test results and the demo-apps.log here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2ziQOvyeT-wVDNJcWg1NVAyV28?usp=sharing

Hopefully my descrption is not as confusing as it seems to me. I don't think there is a problem with the testapp, but maybe some incompatbility problems regarding the use of JavaFX and newer versions of the JDK. But I really have no idea, where to start searching. The device adapter and device communication seem to work.

If anyone has an idea how to fix or locate the problem I'd be really thankful :)

Kind regards,



Hi Willy,

When building the project from source via the command line/terminal you can set a parameter to skip the tests. Try adding:

" -x test" (remove the quotes of course)

to the end of the command. That should get you through to running the OpenICE application.


Hey Willy,

did you ever get past this?