MP5 via serial to local Win10 PC running OpenICE won't get past "connecting"

Anthony 2 weeks ago in OpenICE • updated by ToddPadilla 2 days ago 1

I've seen a few postings regarding connecting MP5s via Serial to a local PC to run the demo app.  So far i have been unsuccessful and am struggling to find the answers to a couple basic questions.  I just want to connect an MP5 via serial to a local PC running OpenICE.  When i set everything up the application just sits at "connecting".  And yes...I've double and tripple checked i am using the correct pinout for serial.  I'm aware the MP5 has a different pinout than other MP series philips monitors.  Here is what I have:

  • OpenICE 0.6.3
  • Windows 10 PC
  • Philips MP5 rev F.01.43
  • Tripplite  Keyspan USA-19HS USB-to-Serial adapter
  • Serial cable with the correct pinout for an MP5 (i've tripple checked this here and in the manual)

When i open OpenICE i select the ICE_Device_Interface, set device category to serial, and device type to Philips Intellivue (MIB/RS232).  Then click the start intellivueSerial button.  The application loads then sits there at "connecting":

Losing what's left of my hair trying to figure out what i am doing wrong...here are some of my questions:
  1. I'm leaving the IP address blank since i am connecting to a serial device, is that correct?
  2. I'm leaving the domain ID at 0, is that correct?
  3. What baud rate and serial port is the application expecting and can i edit these settings?

Attached is a copy of my demo app log.  any direction of guidance would be appreciated.


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